Red Carpet Style Party

You've made sure that everything is perfect. You've got perfect hair, perfect makeup, and the perfect dress. You know you're looking good. The only thing left to do is work it!

Prom night is every girl's opportunity to walk the red carpet. Just like Jennifer Aniston, Katie Holmes, and Jennifer Lopez, you are the center of attention, if only for a few minutes. So be sure you shine in the spotlight, because it's your night!

You've planned so hard for prom night. Why let anything go to chance? You know you've practiced walking in your dress in your shoes. You know you've practiced dancing with your friends. And you know you've practiced smiling in the mirror. So grab a video camera and work your red carpet style!

Nothing is more fun than a pre-prom red carpet style party. Call your BFFs and get them all together for a night of red carpet walking. Tell them all to bring their prom dresses and prom shoes because you're all going to enact your own pre-prom, red carpet moment.

Make a night of it! Kind of like a slumber party, a red carpet style party gets all the girls together for a little pre-prom fun. You'll do each other's hair and makeup, eat a lot of pizza and popcorn, listen to music, and laugh. But most of all, get set to have a great time.

Take turns playing director. You'll need to make sure you've got a video camera, with lots of tapes or a digital video recorder with enough storage available. Get goofy. Get wild. But don't forget to do at least one serious walk down the red carpet. After all, you're supposed to be practicing.

A red carpet style party is a great way to blow off steam before the prom. You spent so much time working on every little detail to make sure prom night is perfect that you need a night to relax and have fun. And what better way to practice your walk down the red carpet and into the prom hall than with your best friends present acting as film directors and producers.

And what a great idea for a sleepover with a theme. When was the last time you all got together to share in some fun? And with prom coming up, college to get ready for, and summer jobs on the horizon, you may not get a chance to get all the girls together again anytime soon.

So, take one more night, act like a kid, and hang out with your friends.

One word to the wise. Save the snacks and soda until after you've all had fun. No need to ruin the perfect dress with a huge pepperoni pizza grease spot.

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