Prom Updos Hairstyles

Decades ago, updos used to be a very formal, rather uptight style befitting the formality of the prom and other special occasions. Today's updos are far from stiff and uptight, yet still great for the prom or any other formal occasion.

And today's updos offer so many options. Updo fans can now choose between the messy updo, the classic updo where every hair is in a particular place and sprayed generously so that it stays there, and the simple updo, which is somewhere in between.

Examples of the classic updo are the timeless chignon and the classic bun. Although both are generally smooth and highly tamed styles, like many hairstyles today the classic updo can be made a bit "messy" by allowing strands of hair to fly loose and curling a few tendrils around the face.

This is different from the simple updo where the hair is pinned up, but not quite as tightly as the classic updo. For the simple updo, sections of hair are pinned separately. A technique called backcombing (teasing) can be used to add fullness to each piece before it is pinned. Strands are placed carefully, but without the uptight edge of the classic updo. Like the classic updo, the simple updo can be modernized by letting a few strands escape to be later curled or allowed to flow freely.

The messy updo appeared on the Hollywood red carpet and, soon after, at proms about a decade ago. A nod to hair that just wasn’t cut out for the straight and narrow, the bed head look has been embraced by about every Hollywood starlet, singing sensation, and celebrity from the moment it hit the scene. Salt sprays have been bottled to help create the texture that makes this style so appealing. And, every prom night, young ladies are embracing their messy side by appearing in a great dress, fabulous shoes, carefully applied makeup, and beautifully messy hair!

But even the messy updo needs careful planning. Make a plan with your favorite stylist, or best friends, to practice your updo. Months before the big night, start trying a variety of updos to see which one you like best. And, don't forget to try them with your dress and makeup to be sure that everything will mesh on the big night.

Most salons will help you create your look by creating several different styles and helping you determine which one is right for you. Most salons will also teach you how to do your hair yourself. For those who are stylistically-challenged, make sure that you make a prom day appointment well in advance so that you can have your hair (and maybe your makeup too) done by a professional before the prom.