Prom Tips for Girls

During the careful planning that goes into creating your perfect prom look, you want to make sure that no one feature stands apart from the rest. Your prom ensemble is a combination of the dress, the hair, the makeup, and the accessories. If one thing is more noticeable than everything else, you've missed your mark.

Here's a few tips to make sure you put together the perfect prom look.

Less is more.
Sometimes, in our urge to create the perfect look, we inadvertently overdo it. Do we go with the smoky eye and the full red lips? Do we pair the black fishnet stockings with the short red formal? And how much jewelry is too much?

If you've gotta ask, it's too much. Keep it simple and you can be sure that no single feature will overpower the whole lot.

Remember, single color designs are the most slimming. And everyone knows that darker colors are slenderizing. To make sure you look your best, stay away from busy patterns, and opt instead for a dress that is all one color.

Keep it casual
Prom hair used to be stiff and formal. Thank goodness those days are over. Today's prom hairstyles emphasizes soft, flowing hair and loose, flattering updos. Take advantage of the new trends and wear your hair in a way that you find comfortable and that doesn't require a lot of maintenance. After all, you’re at the prom to have fun, not primp in front of the mirror all night.

How much jewelry is too much?
Red carpet celebrities often forsake all jewelry except for a fabulous pair of earrings. Consider this a cue and feature your own dangling chandeliers as your sole jeweled accessory.

Bring back black
You can never go wrong with black. Black is slimming, chic, classy, and timeless. Wearing a simple black dress to the prom will always get you noticed. And you'll never be embarrassed to show the pictures to your grandchildren.

Every aspect of your prom style should blend together to form one great look. Pay attention to details like color, accessories, makeup, and hair, to be sure to create a look that allows you to shine. Sometimes, when you try to create a look that's too trendy, you instead create a look that gets you noticed for all the wrong reasons. But once you get to the prom and realize that your attempt at trendy is a washout, it's too late.

Stick with hair, makeup, and a dress that are classy and you'll do fine. Take a few tips from the red carpet. When in doubt, avoid trendy, and opt for classic Hollywood, and you'll never go wrong. Prom is your night to shine. Make sure you get noticed because you've put together a look that earns you the envy of every girl there.