Prom Tips for Guys

Prom night jitters aren't only for girls. Even if the guy has an assertive girlfriend to tell him exactly what he should look like on prom night, every guy still wants to feel unique and look great. But how do you let your own personal style shine through that stiff and formal suit?

The hair
Sure, you might have to put on a tux, but you can still work your own personal style with a great haircut. Even the most controlling prom date is likely to allow you to express yourself with an awesome haircut as long as you don't try a mohawk or other off the wall look.

Add a splash of color.
Rather than settle for boring black-and-white check with your date to see what color her dress will be. Add a coordinating cummerbund or tie in the same color to your formalwear. There's no way your date will reject this look because it will help you look more like a couple. You can also play with color by eliminating it. Take a tip from the red carpet and dress all in one color. It's classic and trendy at the same time.

Don't let trendy take over.
Even when you're wearing prom formalwear, you're still you. Make sure you that your formalwear reflects your own personal style by altering the look to suit you, not forcing yourself into a certain look. It's important to add little touches to your look that are yours, and yours alone. If you're a fan of funky socks, don't let prom night stop you. You can still wear your fave footies without ruining the night. After all, nobody will know they're there, but you. You can also alter your formalwear to suit your own personal style. Talk to a tailor about altering the fit, length, or style of your jacket so that you are comfortable in what you're wearing.

Don't forget the details
Guys sometimes forget, but the details do matter. Make sure you have your hair trimmed about two weeks before the prom. Play with new styles or have your hair highlighted. And if you're really challenged, ask a stylist to suggest a look for you. But don't embarrass your girl by showing up with bad hair.

Other important things to consider are all about the grooming. Make sure that you shave, shower, and splash on a little smell-good stuff before you pick her up.

Don't forget the accessories. Wear a nice watch, a pair of cufflinks, or a few simple pieces of jewelry. Don't flash it up like Snoop Dogg unless it's a reflection of the real you.

And make sure your shoes are up for the occasion. If you bought new shoes, great, but if you're wearing a pair of older shoes make sure they're properly shined and not scuffed up.