Prom Style

Finding Your Prom Style on the Red Carpet

From Jennifer Aniston to Katherine Heigel; as today's female celebrities walk the red carpet, they feed the imaginations of future prom goers everywhere with visuals of how they'd like to look at the prom.

Movie premiers and award shows are some of the best places to find your prom style. Actors, singers, and other celebrities are always blazing the fashion trail, so what you see on TV and in the fashion mags is likely to show up at this year's prom.

Celebrities are always changing their hair. They don't do it necessarily because they are bored but because each new movie role or concert tour requires them to be hip and fresh. This is how they stay in the public eye and this is why the styles change so often. Celebrities are always under a lot of pressure to stay fresh so they are excited to debut a new look. Of course, just like you want your entrance into the prom to be one to remember, a celebrity also hopes that he or she gets good reviews on the new do.

Evening makeup varies only slightly from year to year, but new trends like the matte look, the dewy look, and the vibrant look all debuted on the red carpet. As a rule, evening colors are darker than daytime colors and evening makeup is heavier. The prom, just like the red carpet is a place for glitter and shine so feel free to add fun makeup to your look. Whether or not evening makeup is ruled by the smokey eye or the full red lips is completely determined on the red carpet. Watch celebrities closely for what colors are in and how heavily they should be applied

There's no doubt that celebrities not only get the best clothes, they are the first to debut them. With all the free clothes they get, it's no wonder celebrities change their style all the time. And designers go out of their way to make sure that celebrities have all the latest fashions. This makes the red carpet the perfect place to show off a new look and watch it catch on. Celebrity sightings are great prom night idea generators, so keep an eye on those award shows.

Fashion shows and the red carpet are certainly never completely foolproof ways to find the perfect look. After all, Hollywood doesn't have a worst dressed list for nothing. And, fashion disasters happen to even the most fashion conscious celebrities. But, for the most part, what you see on the red carpet hair, makeup, and clothing is a good gauge of what you'll find in stores a few months before the prom. So, watch those stars carefully. If you match your own body type to a celebrity and then copy her look, you can't go wrong.

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