Prom Style and Prom Theme

From "A Night to Remember" to "Dancing Under the Stars" to a million other corny titles, prom nights always have a theme. Some themes are fun, and others are classic, but they all set the tone for the night.

Matching your prom style to the theme is a great way to help you pick a look. Of course, it's downright easy if the theme is "The Black and White Ball". Just pick something white to balance out your date's black tux.

But, most often, the theme is a bit more complex. There are almost always theme colors and decorations that you might want to take into account when choosing your style.

For instance, if the theme is, say, "Springtime in Love", borrow the theme by keeping your look light and feminine, with a flowy dress and flowery hair. Think Greek goddess – lots of texture and layers- but with some pastel colors thrown in.

If the theme is "Rock and Roll", let it all hang out with a bold style. Think bright, primary colors, heavier makeup, and edgy hair.

If the theme is “Together Forever” get with your BFF's and develop a shared style with matching dresses (different colors of course), or the same dress in different colors, variations of the same hairdo, etc. Almost like a group of bridesmaids. Your dates will roll their eyes at the concept, but you'll be the talk of the prom.

With a little imagination, it's not hard to match your style to the theme. And it will actually help you make a decision on what to wear. Without matching to the theme, you've got almost too many options to choose from for a dress, shoes, makeup, and hair. But, when you match your style to the theme, you've narrowed your selections down to a manageable level.

Just find out what the theme is going to be for the prom. It's usually announced months in advance. Then, think about it a bit. Get a feel for what it means. What feelings does it evoke? Does the theme make you think of casual elegance? Keep your look understated. Sweet and sassy? Go for frilly and girlish. Maybe the theme makes you a bit sad. After all you'll be saying goodbye to a significant part of your life. People will be moving on. If so, go for a subdued look.

There are so many ways to draw from the theme of the prom to make selecting your own look easier that it makes sense to give it a try. The only disclaimer is that, if you go for a cohesive group look with your friends, avoid the urge to become twins, triplets, or other identical pairings. You will just look silly.