Prom Shoes

Almost as important as the perfect prom dress, are the perfect prom shoes. Like prom dresses, a pair of prom shoes is as individual as the girl who wears them. But, don't forget, your shoes can't be just any old pair you like; they have to go with your dress too.

But what makes a pair of shoes perfect for the prom? Is there a certain set of rules that one should follow when picking out shoes? How do you know when you’ve found the right pair. For some girls, picking out the dress ends up being far easier than picking out the shoes.

Are your shoes supposed to match your dress? Should they be high heels? Medium heels? Flats? What makes prom shoes perfect?

Decades ago, you used to have to match your shoes perfectly to your dress. That means your shoes had to be the exact same color as your dress. Most times this meant that you had to buy a pair of white shoes and have them dyed to match your dress. This is still the way it's often done for bridesmaid’s shoes. They are dyed to match the dress.

And although many girls still have their shoes dyed to match their dress, just about any shoes can be prom shoes these days. What's most important is that the style is right. If you're going to prom dressed as a Greek goddess shoes that lace up around your legs are a perfect match. Going to prom as a 50s teen queen? Go for a pair of flats; they’re a perfect match for your dress. Light summery dresses call for scrappy sandals. And heavier gowns can be paired successfully with a thicker heel.

It's no longer rule that to be perfectly dressed for the prom, everything has to match; your shoes, your dress, and your handbag. Even your lipstick and nail polish don't have to match anymore. Most girls pick prom shoes that are classic black, gold, or silver. If you're still determined to have everything just so, go ahead and have your shoes dyed to match your dress, but have it done well ahead of time in case of a color matching disaster.

As every girl is searching for the perfect pair of shoes for the prom, you can bet there are parents encouraging them to pick out a sensible pair of shoes. But there's no way you're going to pick sensible over pretty. And who can blame you? So don't worry about whether not your prom shoes are sensible. Just pick what you like and what goes best with your dress. Even if your shoes are horribly uncomfortable and give you the worst blisters you've ever had, it will all be worth it. And, don't worry if your feet get too sore; just kick off those shoes and keep right on partying.