Prom Night

Prom night is a night every young girl dreams of. It's filled with nostalgia; saying goodbye to old friends and moving on to a new life and new adventures. Some of the people you've seen virtually every day for years, you'll never see again after prom. Others you'll see at your class reunions only. These factors make prom night a major rite of passage for young people everywhere. Prom night is such a big deal because it's the end of an era. It heralds every participant's movement from childhood into adulthood.

Some of the things that make prom night magical is all of the preparation that goes into it, all of the fun that you anticipate having, and gathering with your friends and classmates to share in one big goodbye bash.

Prom night is a bittersweet celebration; a saying goodbye to friends and to youth.

In preparation for prom, young men are often fitted for their first tux and young ladies submit to multiple fittings to make sure their dress fits just right. Girls search for months for the perfect dress and the right shoes. They tried dozens of hairstyles, and have redone their make up over and over again. All this for one night.

Teens that aren't already paired up worry about whether or not they'll be able to find a date for the prom. Some young people don't worry about whether or not they'll have a date; they just go in groups with their friends. Others compromise and attend with their runner up just to make sure that they’re there.

Young men make sure their hair is cut just the way their girlfriend likes it. They rent a limo, buy a corsage, and show up at the young ladies house all stiff and formal where they then submit to pictures taken by mom and dad and maybe a few other relatives.

Young ladies wait nervously for their prince to arrive and escort them via limousine to one of the most magical nights of their lives. For many young people, this is the most formal occasion they will attend before their own wedding.

As she emerges from her carriage, every young lady feels the excitement build. She wants to be noticed. She wants to be beautiful. She wants to be special. The night must be perfect.

It's amazing that all of this preparation builds to one night. One night, that will remain special in the minds of young men and young ladies for the rest of their lives. Although immortalized in formal prom photos and casual snapshots, nothing can replace the home movie that will play eternally in her mind as she relives the experience over and over.

Yes, prom night is special, just like bridal lingerie for wedding night.