Prom Night Photos

The dress is perfect; your hair superb. You date has arrived, corsage in hand to pick you up. You've both smiled patiently as mom and dad snapped photos or maybe videotaped the pinning of the corsage and the walk to the car. You've made it, heart pounding, into the dance hall. And, the prom has begun. But wait! The traditions don't end there.

Prom night photos are a tradition no girl wants to forgo. And as beautiful as you look, there is always a nagging at the back of every girl's mind - “what will I do if my prom photo sucks”.

For the most part, there's no need to worry. Prom photos are usually taken by professional companies with plenty of experience making prom goers look good. They know a thing about lighting and posing; after all, that's what they get paid for.

But there are still a few things that you can do to make sure that your prom photo is the best that it can be and not one that you want to hide at the bottom of a box forever.

Turn to the side
Whether you're sitting or standing, every girl's best picture view is slightly to the side. If you’ve ever noticed how celebrities stand when they're having their picture taken, they turn slightly sideways before the photog snaps the picture. Celebrities actually practice avoiding having their picture taken full on. It’s just not a flattering view.

Point one toe
If you're standing in your prom picture, in addition to turning slightly to the side, make sure that you point one toe out and to the side. This might sound silly, but it actually makes you look thinner. Pointing your toe when having your picture taken works about the same way as wearing pointy toed shoes. It actually makes your legs look longer. And what girl doesn't want to have longer legs? Longer legs make you look thinner. So even if you're not tall and thin, with legs up to there, pointing one toe will make you look like you are.

Practice in the mirror
After you brought what your prom dress, you know you tried it on along with your shoes and all your accessories, and practiced posing and walking in front of the mirror. Don't forget to do the same to practice for your prom pictures. There's no way to know exactly what you're going to look like in your prom pictures without a little bit of practice, so grab a chair and your BFF and practice posing while sitting and standing

Have a friend take some trial photos
In addition to practicing in front of the mirror, have your BFF take some trial-run prom photos. This will help you learn exactly how to pose when the big night comes.

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