Prom Night Jewelry

What good is prom night without the glitz and glamour that makes every girl feel like a princess? Prom night jewelry is a must for almost every outfit and is as important as the shoes and the dress. Prom is your night to shine, make sure your jewelry does the same.

Some girls receive jewelry for prom night that has been passed down through the generations or that has been given to them by their prom date. When this happens, sometimes the dress is matched to the jewelry.

Other times, the girl is a complete loss as to how to pick the right jewelry for the prom. But not to worry; there are a few simple ways to make sure that the jewelry you pick is just right.

Just like your shoes, hair, makeup ,and prom dress have all been carefully selected to create an image, your jewelry should be selected specifically to compliment that image. But even then there are no hard and fast rules.

It used to be a major faux pas to pair pearls with jeans. And diamonds with flannel, forget about it! Today, all bets are off. Still, your jewelry should work with your look, not against it.

Obviously, if you're going to be wearing a tiara, chunky wooden jewelry wouldn't mesh. And speaking of a tiara; if you'll be wearing one, other jewelry may not be necessary. As a matter of fact, it might be overkill.

So think of the look you're trying to create, and envision the jewelry you'll need to complete that look. It's okay to wear lots of rhinestone jewelry with a tiara if you're going for a Cinderella look. If you're wearing a classic, clingy sheath with spaghetti straps, try to stay away from too much flashy jewelry.

If you're going for a look that's more fun, have fun with your jewelry. But keep it all part of the same theme. Keep fun jewelry with fun jewelry, classic pearls with more pearls or subtle rhinestones, and pair chunky necklaces with equally chunky bracelets.

In some cases, you might choose to go completely without any jewelry whatsoever. This is perfectly okay. The sans-jewelry look is an incredibly classic and classy style and has been acceptable for generations. Most girls don't go for this look though, because prom night is a time to dress up, and dressing up usually means lots of jewelry. But if the no-jewelry look is what you want, and you think itís a look you can pull off, go for it.

The jewelry you pick to wear on prom night will be as individual as you are. Your selection will highlight your style, complement your outfit, and complete the evening.