Prom Night and Drinking

Don't Drink and Drive

Every summer, the newspapers are filled with the statistics that signify the casualties of prom night. Although most prom goers have a wonderful time, act responsibly, and make it home in one piece, there's always a determined few that won't make it home alive.

Prom night signifies the celebration that takes place as young people move from childhood into adulthood. This is the year that most prom goers will turn eighteen if they havenít already. This is the year they will become adults. But in the excitement of prom night, far too many kids make the wrong decisions.

As a rite of passage, many young people believe that prom night should involve alcohol. But prom night and alcohol don't mix. Staying away from alcohol will actually ensure that you have far more fun at the prom and avoid any of the negative consequences that come along with drinking too much. And those consequences can range from mild to earth shattering. If youíre lucky, all youíll end up with is a hangover. The unlucky ones end up dead.

But still kids insist they have to drink on prom night, and because adults know it's bound to happen they do their best to keep kids as safe as possible.

This means that in the months before prom, kids are bombarded with don't drink and drive messages. Parents happily pay for limousines to ensure their childís safety. Hotel room reservations are made, and designated driver pacts are signed; all to make sure that every child makes it home from the prom healthy, happy, and whole.

Still, limousines and hotel rooms don't guarantee the safety of every child. Kids that drink on prom night are sharing their bottle of fun with someone else's kid, who might be getting behind the wheel of a car and driving. Even worse, the kid that gets behind the wheel of a car after he or she has been drinking, might be driving other kids to or from the prom. A drunk teenager behind the wheel of a car driving down the road risks the lives of everyone he or she comes into contact with.

Even at low speeds, crashes caused by drunk drivers can be devastating. Young people, their fellow passengers, and innocent people on the road are all affected. The statistics are far too high. Every year, far too many young people are killed, crippled, and have their lives permanently altered by prom goers who feel the need to drink and drive.

Prom night should never include alcohol. Prom night is a night you will want to remember in a positive light for the rest of your life. Never make prom night the night you ended the life of yourself or someone else.