Prom Hairstyles with Tiaras

The night is perfect. You've bought the perfect dress, found to-die-for shoes, practiced and practiced your makeup, and learned how to create a hairstyle that will make you the envy of the ball. How can anything be missing?

Don't forget the tiara!

Prom is a magical night and many enchanting Cinderellas want to top it all off with a real-life crown a tiara.

A tiara not only dresses up a hairstyle, it's also a perfect opportunity to accessorize. Match a beaded tiara to your bag or a pearl-encrusted tiara to a pearl necklace and bracelet. Or go for the gusto with a magnificent sparkling rhinestone tiara and no other jewelry whatsoever.

A full or partial updo is really the only hairstyle that works best with a tiara. This is not to say that a tiara cannot be worn if you want to wear your hair down. It only means that long and loose styles can become tangled in your tiara making you look like Carrie instead of Cinderella. It's best to keep the hair pretty tame to ensure your tiara isn't hanging from your hair at the end of the night.

If you choose to wear a tiara, you'll need to make sure that you practice your hairstyle with your tiara or that you take the tiara to the salon for a trial run. Prom night is a time you'll remember for the rest of your life, so be sure to be prepared and don't wait until the last minute to include a tiara as a part of your outfit.

If you choose to wear a tiara on prom night there are a few simple rules you should follow:

  • A tiara adds a lot of sparkle. That means you'll need to be careful about the amount of flash in the rest of your outfit. Pairing a tiara with lots of glittery makeup or too much other jewelry makes the whole outfit look overdone.
  • Your tiara should not clash with your neckline. If your dress has a fussy neckline, opt for a simple tiara. Flashier tiaras should be reserved for a dress that has a simple neckline.
  • If you have your hair done before the prom, make sure that you wear a button-down shirt to the salon. There's nothing worse than trying to pull a shirt off over your head without messing up your hair or pulling off your tiara.
  • A tiara is a classic look. Don't try to pair it with a very modern dress. Keep your dress either simple with smooth lines (use any kind of tiara) or go for a real princess look. But don't opt for a full-out crown with a frilly dress or your classmates will expect to see you holding a wand too.