Prom Hairstyles for Short Hair

So many girls who love their short hair any other time, wish it was much longer on prom night. Fashion has traditionally taught us that prom hair has to be either the updo, long and flowing, or a mass of curls; none of which can be created from short hair.

But there is still a lot that a short-haired beauty can do to create a great prom style.

Quick and easy style
Never overlook the benefits of short hair. Girls with short hair usually wear their hair that way because it's simple and easy; no muss, no fuss. Those benefits don't disappear just because it's prom night. Don't be afraid to wear your hair the way you normally do. Dress up your short tresses with clips and combs, or try sprinkling on a little glitter. Create your look with makeup and don't give another thought to your hair. Another way to dress up your look when you have short hair is to wear some great earrings.

Sleek and stylish
Another way to create a prom look out of your short hair is to slick it back. If your hair cooperates, just use a hair gel or paste and finger comb it through your hair. Either leave your hair texturized after the finger combing or use a brush to smooth it out. Follow it up with lots of hairspray to make sure you hair stays put all night long. If your hair is a bit less cooperative, curl your hair first. Use the largest barrel curling iron you can get your hair around. Slick the hair back and use lots of hairspray to help it stay.

Short and sassy
Backcombing (teasing) can be used to add fullness to short hair. After backcombing, arrange hair before applying hairspray or brush it back, away from your face, but not slicked back as in a sleek and stylish hairdo. Use texturizing paste applied to the ends of the hair to create a piecey look. Or curl the hair up at the ends for a little lift. Again, follow with lots of hairspray to make it stay.

Spunky and energetic
If your hair is long enough to get around a curling iron, curl it! Curling your hair gives you lots more options for styles. After curling, brush out the curls and go with a soft wave or finger comb for a bed head look. Lucky you, your curls are more likely to stay put than those in longer hair.

The good news about having short hair at prom time is that you'll probably need a lot less fuss and product to avoid a prom night hair disaster. Longer, more intricate styles, are disasters waiting to happen. That simplicity that you crave on a daily basis means that your practically disaster proof on prom night.