Prom Hairstyle Trends

Although some experts claim that prom hairstyles change drastically from year to year, the reality is that it often takes decades for hairstyles to change noticeably. This is because prom hairstyles are not always as much about what styles are in for daily hair wear as they are about what look you're going for on your special night.

For instance, the classic chignon, which has been around just about forever, is still present at every prom. Sometimes the chignon appears in its original form, and other times, it's been dressed down a bit with wisps of hair escaping strategically from what used to be a very uptight hairstyle, or with curly tendrils framing the face. But the chignon lives on.

Same for the bun. Although it is rarely the stiff hairdo that populated every workplace in the sixties and seventies, the bun is still a staple at the prom. Like the chignon, the bun can be dressed down and even dressed up with a tiara.

Most of the hairstyles that have always been at the prom are still at the prom. They might be slightly different, or even classically presented, but they're still there. Perhaps the only hairstyle that hasn't shown up at the prom in recent years is the bouffant and even it has it's descendents in the teased styles of today.

Probably the only real new trend in prom hairstyles is the acceptance of young ladies to forgo the straight and narrow Cinderella look for more casual, even tousled looks. But, even this trend could have been predicted as girls moved away from the frilly crinoline dresses of the past, toward more form-fitting, relaxed styles. After all, stiff and formal hair doesn't always work with a plunging neckline, spaghetti strap, sheath.

However, prom hairstyles continue to present some creative versions of classic styles from year to year. And some experts claim they can predict the trends. But, predicting what's going to be popular from year to year isn't rocket science, so don't worry about being the one who picks the wrong do. Predicting the trends is as simple as keeping an eye on what celebrities are doing.

Most trends - clothing, makeup, hairstyles, etc. - are driven by the world of the rich and famous. And, prom hairstyle trends are no different. So, if you want to know what's going to be popular at the prom on any given year, keep an eye on the fashion magazines, internet gossip postings, paparazzi pics, and the almighty red carpet.

Although there's no doubt that some celebrity styles wont appear at the prom (think Britney's bald head), most are going to show up on a star before they become the belle of the ball.