Prom Hairdos

Prom time is just around the corner and all the high school girls out there are probably busy with their makeovers and are raring to show off those gorgeous dresses they are planning to wear for that event. A lovely prom outfit and impeccable makeup should be topped by no less than a great hairdo.

Some hairstyles are in right now and some girls might be thinking of trying them out for the prom. However, a kind of hairdo that looks good on one girl may not look good on another. So, here are some suggestions that you prom girls could keep in mind when selecting how to do your hair for that special prom night.

1. Prom hairdos for petite girls. The one factor that should govern the way you choose how to do your hair on prom night is how your hairstyle would balance out your body. If you are a petite girl, you should avoid hairstyles that make you look shorter. One such hairstyle would be wearing your tresses down in lengths that reach way below your shoulders. Such a hairstyle will only make you look shorter.

Another hairstyle that a petite girl should avoid is anything that speaks big. Big curls, big waves, big anything. Too much volume on the hair will make you look like a drumstick or a lollipop.

What is the perfect prom hairdo for the petite girl? Something sleek will do. If you are a petite girl, try super short hair for your prom or style it in a smooth and sleek updo.

2. For bottom-heavy girls. Again, balance is the issue when selecting a hairstyle. So, a girl with wide hips and a slim torso should stay away from hairstyles that draw attention to their hips, like long hair and hair extensions. Bottom-heavy girls can try big hair to balance out their wide hips, or they could opt for something sexy like curls and waves that reach down to the shoulders.

3. For top-heavy girls. If wearing the hair long is bad for petite girls and bottom-heavy girls, it is perfect for girls with wide shoulders and a heavy torso. Long hair, especially long hair done with tousles and waves, are great for balancing out a top-heavy figure. The length of the hair will draw the eyes away from the bust and let them go to the hips instead.

Top-heavy girls should avoid any hairstyle that speaks sleek and smooth. They should also avoid wearing super short hair. Sleek and super short hair will only make them look like pinheads.

4. For tall girls. The great thing about tall girls is that nearly anything looks good on them. And so, for prom night, tall girls can get away with short hair, with long hair, with straight locks or with curled locks. However, tall girls should stay away from wearing their hair in such a way that it adds more height to their already statuesque figures. Another hairstyle the tall girl should avoid is the super short hair. Super short hair will make her look like a butch.