Prom Hair Disasters

The dress is hanging on the closet door. Your shoes are carefully boxed in tissue paper. Your accessories are lined up and waiting. And, your date has been instructed to get a haircut and wear a tux. You've taken such precautions to ensure that your preparations for the prom will go just right, what could go wrong?

The hair!

Even with everything carefully planned out, your hair has a mind of its own. Curls will fall and pins and clips will come undone. Your tiara will slide off and the humidity will cause your hair to frizz. To a certain extent, there is no way to completely prevent prom hair disasters. But doing your best to prevent prom hair disasters is as simple as careful preparation.

Practice makes perfect
Waiting until prom night to decide how you're going to wear your hair is a recipe for disaster. You should always have your hairstyle down pat long before the big night arrives. If you're going to style your hair yourself, don't forget to practice, practice, practice! If you'll be having a professional teach you how to do the style so you can do it yourself on prom night, make your appointment at the salon several weeks in advance. Pay close attention to what the stylist does and practice, practice, practice! And, even if you're having a professional do your hair on the day of the prom, make sure that you go to the salon several weeks in advance to give the stylist a trial run. And always use the same stylist on the big day. Don't leave anything to chance.

Be a weather watcher
Prom night, often held in the late spring or early summer, is wrought will all kinds of weather challenges; primarily humidity and rain both killers of the perfect hairstyle. Load up on the hairspray, take an umbrella... heck, wear a plastic bonnet if that's what it takes to protect your hair. A night full of style is far more important than being seen for a brief moment wearing your grandmother's plastic cap.

Work with your hair, not against it
The more you try to make your hair do something it's just not going to do willingly, the more your hair will try to rebel. Yes, hair has a mind of its own. If you have very thin, fine hair and you want to wear your hair curly, expect the curl to fall out at some point during the night. If you decide on an updo and you don't secure your hair well enough, your do will come down. Opt for a style that accommodates your hair's own quirks and you'll be able to concentrate more on having fun than fixing your hair.