Prom Fashion Show

As some girls struggle to find the perfect prom night fashion, some schools and other community organizations take the bull by the horns and give guys and gals a fashion show full of ideas.

Yep, it is possible to have a pre-prom fashion show. Almost every major department store has one. But so few girls know about these fashion shows that most miss out on them. Don't worry if you missed the boat; organize a show of your own.

If your school or parent teacher association doesn't already put on a pre-prom fashion show in spring or a few months before prom, make sure you get the ball rolling and get people involved. Call local department stores and boutiques, hair and nail salons, and accessory shops, and ask them to help you put on the show. Many stores are used to being asked to do this and they don't mind doing so. Why? Because it helps sell merchandise.

The girls who see the dresses, accessories and shoes modeled in a fashion show are the shoppers who will snag the merchandise when it comes time to get ready for the prom. And the hair and makeup that the salons create on the models in the show will be the same hair and makeup they'll be creating come prom season.

And who knows the prom trends better than the local vendors? After all, these are the same stores and shops and salons that had to make sure that they are well ahead of the trends so that they have the right merchandise in stock.

Every department store has a professional shopper whose job it is to make sure that the store will have the clothes, shoes, and accessories that will be in style come prom season. And how do they do this? The same way that you find your perfect prom style. They keep an eye on the red carpet award shows, fashion magazines, designer shows, and celebrity sightings; all of which help them guesstimate what will be in fashion at prom time.

So get your friends together, talk to the school administration, and enlist the help of the PTA. Make a list of the most popular stores in your area and contact each of them to arrange their participation in your fashion show. And the earlier the better. Don't wait until spring when all of the stores will already be booked up at other fashion shows. For best results start organizing your fashion show in the summer or fall before prom. Booking the most popular stores for your fashion show guarantees it will be the most popular one around.

Every girl in the school will thank you. And every fashion challenged young lady attending prom that year will immortalize you in her diary as her prom fashion savior.