Prom Dresses and Body Types

As much as we'd all like to be a size two with a perfectly proportioned body, and able to wear anything we wanted, the reality is that certain body types just can't wear certain styles. But in lieu of entering a major depression and trying on every dress in a fifty square mile radius, then settling for a dress we don't really want; a little research before shopping can make finding the perfect prom dress far less painful.

Just like different face shapes rule what hairstyle looks best on you, your body type will be a major factor in determining what style of dress you pick for the prom. There will always be the girl who loves herself the way she is and is willing to wear whatever she likes. And good for her! But most of us are ruled by what we think looks best on our figure.

For the most part, you've only got five figure shapes to worry about. According to fashion experts, the figure shapes that will most determine what fashions will look best on you are a large bust, a large bottom, and all over full figure, a small-waisted/hourglass figure, and a very thin, relatively curveless body shape.

If you have a large bust, avoid necklines that will make your bust look larger. Both round and square necklines are a no-no. Instead try v-necks and high-necked fashions. Wear a good support bra and a dress in a darker shade. Draw attention away from your bust by emphasizing your legs. Wear a shorter skirt, a dress with a side slit, or one with an asymmetrical hemline.

If you are a full-bottomed girl, draw attention up toward your face. An A-line dress that skims over your hips rather than clinging to them, it is a great option. Lucky for you, you can wear any kind of neckline.

If you have an all over full figure, you don't have to worry as much about what you wear. Just make sure that you don't make the mistake of chopping your figure in half with a belt, waistline, or jacket that hits you around the middle. A gown will help you look thinner by making you look longer.

If you've been blessed with an hourglass figure, live it up! You can wear just about anything!

Another blessed body type is the thin, curveless gal. This is the type of figure that clothes are designed for. You can wear a dress that is long, short, bold, understated; you can wear large prints, small prints, all-over prints; anything your heart desires.

Having a little information up front can help you in your prom dress search. Being aware of your body type can help you work with your figure rather than against it.