Perfect Prom Hair

There is no way to absolutely guarantee that your hair will be perfect for the prom. But there are a few things that you can do to make sure that things go as smoothly as possible.

Select the right hair style
Make sure that the hairstyle that you choose works well with your face and the type of hair you have. Trying to make your hair do something it doesn't do naturally is much harder than working with your hair's particular idiosyncrasies. But, prom night is about creating an image that doesn't always exist every day, so, if you're going to ask your hair to do the impossible, make sure that you give it all the tools it needs to perform.

Practice your style
To be sure that your prom night hair goes according to plan, make sure that you practice your style religiously for weeks before the prom. Make sure that you practice in all kinds of weather too. You won't be able to predict what prom night will be like, so knowing how your hair is going to behave ahead of time can help take many factors out of the mix. Don't leave your prom hair to chance. Some girls even like to have a backup style based on the flop of their first choice. For instance, if you're going curly, carry a clip in your bag so that you can sweep your hair into a messy updo in case your curl falls.

Protect your hair from the weather
As uncool as it is to carry an umbrella to the prom or to tuck a little plastic disposable rain bonnet into your bag, these small preparations can mean the difference between perfect prom hair all night long and disaster as soon as you hit the door. Your date will feel like your knight in shining armor if he is called upon to hold the umbrella over your head as you hold your dress off the ground and navigate prom night puddles. And, once you reach the door of the prom night venue, you can ditch the drench prevention tools and have fun. After all, it's not as bad if your hair get's ruined on the way home as it is if you look like a wet rat going into the prom.

Protect your style with hair products
As much as wed all like to think that our beautiful prom hair came to us au natural, the fact is that we've worked hard for that hair; too hard to let it flop before we even get out of the limo. There are lots of products made specifically to protect your hair from wind, rain, and a host of other prom night hair disasters. Try them all if you have to, but make sure that your prom hair is protected.