Perfect Prom Dress on a Budget

Every girl wants to attend prom in the perfect prom dress. But what exactly is the perfect prom dress? The perfect dress is different for each girl. Some girls like them long and frilly. Some girls like them clingy and sleek. And some girls like them short and sassy. Ask fifty different girls what makes a prom dress perfect and you’ll get fifty different answers.

Most girls have a vision of what they want to look like at the prom. As part of that vision, they have in mind the perfect prom dress. Some girls want to look like a princess. Some girls like to vamp it up. But every girl wants to look special on the big night.

Almost every girl recognizes the perfect prom dress as soon as she sees it. Whether it's hanging in a store window, worn by a celebrity walking down the red carpet on television, or pictured in a magazine; when she sees it, she knows it's the perfect dress for her.

But what if the perfect prom dress isn't affordable? So many girls find the perfect dress, and then find out is just out of their price range. So what do they do? If you've got a grandmother or a favorite aunt that sews, you already know the answer to that question. Have it made!

There's no doubt that making your own prom dress can be significantly less expensive than buying one; specially if your taste in fashion runs toward the expensive. But even if you don't know how to sew yourself, and if you don't know anyone else who sews, there are still ways to have your dress made for a lot less expensive than you can buy in the store.

Sometimes going to a professional dressmaker can be as expensive as buying a dress in the store. But your prom dress is not the right occasion to try sewing for yourself for the first time. An affordable option to paying thousands for the perfect prom dress is to seek out a fabric store that offers dressmaking services.

As a response to many people who found they can't sew their own clothes but can't afford to pay someone else to make something, many fabric stores have begun offering dressmaking services. These services encourage you to select a fabric and a pattern from the fabric store. Then the measurements are taken by an experienced dressmaker, and the dress is sewn by an experienced seamstress. As part of the service, most fabric stores also have you come in for at least one fitting before they finalize the dress.

There are several reasons why a favorite store might offer such a service. One reason is that it helps them sell patterns and fabric. Another reason is that the seamstresses who sew the dresses do so on sewing machines that are set up at the stores as demos for customers who might be interested in buying one. So for the fabric store, making your dress is kind of like an advertisement. This is one way you can get a great dress at a reduced price.