Long Prom Hair

Wearing Your Hair Down for Prom

Long, flowing hair used to be a faux pas on a night when the fairy tale princess look is in. After all, Cinderella sure didn't wear her hair down to the ball.

But times have changed and longer, looser styles at the prom are not only spotted, they're sought after. Still, the change came slowly.

First, loose prom hairstyles required that the hair was curled. Waves were ok, straight was not. Then, as the flat ironed look became stylish for everyday wear, girls brought the look into the prom as well.

Today, prom hairstyles include loose, flowing waves, curly cascades, and poker straight locks. Just about anything goes.

Still, it's not always easy to get your hair to cooperate on prom night even if you're "just wearing it down", so make sure that your style suits your hair.

Long hair actually has a bit of trouble holding a curl unless it is already naturally curly. This is because long hair has weight. And, as the curls get weighed down, they fall out. So, if your hair is naturally curly, go ahead and enhance those curls on prom night. If your natural curls are tightly spiraled, loosen them up a bit by using rollers or a large barrel curling iron. If your natural curls are loose, try a small barrel curling iron or small rollers to change it up a bit.

If your hair tends to be straight and has trouble holding a curl, work with that. Flat iron your hair to make it even straighter. Some girls swear by flat ironing their hair twice. Give it a good ironing once, then reapply your shine serum or heat protectant and do it again. The double ironing can help keep your hair from curling slightly or frizzing in the humidity or if you get a little warm while you're dancing.

Humidity is probably the biggest danger to long flowing hair. Straight hair can frizz on a humid night and curls can fall leaving hair flat and your style ruined. This is why it's important to work with your hair, not against it, and to make sure to take advantage of the wealth of products that are on the market that can help keep your style stylish.

One great humidity beater? Salt spray. Long, loose, and flowing bed hair that has been sprayed with salt spray is less likely to react to humidity on prom night. And, even if it does, who is going to know; your style is already a bit messy so humidity canít do any damage. Although long tousled bed hair is not the most popular choice for prom, itís growing in popularity mainly because it's easy and practically maintenance free.