Hair Extensions

One of the latest trends in prom night hairstyles is the use of hair extensions. With extensions, any girl can have long, thick hair on prom night. Hair extensions come in a variety of colors, lengths, and textures. Choose from synthetic or human hair extensions to create the look you want for your special night. Incredible volume and instant length are at your fingertips.

Human hair vs. synthetic extensions
The choice between extensions that are made from real human hair or from synthetic materials is often based on the look you want to create. Human hair extensions have numerous advantages over synthetic extensions. Human hair extensions behave exactly like real hair. You can wash them, color them, curl them, flat iron them; anything you can do to your real hair, you can do to human hair extensions.

The primary problem with human hair extensions is that they can cost significantly more than your dress. For this reason, some girls choose to use human hair extensions just for highlighting their own hair. This adds a bit of fullness along with a few highlights, but keeps the cost to a minimum.

Synthetic hair extensions are significantly less expensive than human hair extensions, but they canít be treated like real hair. Synthetic hair extensions can't be flat ironed, curled with a curling iron or treated with heat in any way. They can't be chemically treated either, so forget about coloring them to match your hair or to use as highlights. The simple truth is that synthetic hair extensions are essentially plastic. If you can't do it to plastic, you can't do it to synthetic hair extensions.

But as a quick fix for the prom, synthetic hair extensions are a viable option. Some girls even pick up an inexpensive set of clip on extensions at the local beauty supply and apply them themselves. As long as you buy the extensions in the color, style, and texture you need for your hairstyle, synthetic hair extensions are a great one-night option.

Hair extension application
Real hair extensions should be applied by a professional well in advance of prom night Ė the day before the prom is no time to find out that youíve gotten extensions that have ruined your hair. Be sure to choose a reputable salon and experienced stylist and get references. Hair extensions that are no applied properly can damage your hair and your scalp. Bald spots at the prom are never fashionable.

Hair extensions can be applied using either a hot or cold method. Either way, you are essentially gluing the extensions to your real hair. Cold application methods also include braiding, sewing, and weaving. The variety and benefits of hair extensions, either real or synthetic, make them popular for adorning prom hairstyles.