Fun Prom Hairstyles

As serious as prom night can be for many young ladies, the evening still calls for a little fun. To lighten up the occasion, think flouncy dresses, maybe a bit shorter than the average formal, great shoes, and, of course, a fun prom hairstyle!

Everyone should have fun at the prom, and a hairstyle is certainly not going to make or break the event, but announcing to the rest of the party that youíre here for some fun is a great way to set the tone for the night. Just as you present a formal image with a tight chignon or a casual one with flat ironed locks, youíll be the belle of the ball with a fun hairdo. After all, it is a party!

But what are fun prom hairstyles?

Think lots of cascading curls, loose updos, flowing tendrils, even a curly ponytail!!!

But beware of the Shirley Temple look! You donít want your curls to be tight tubes. The look youíre going for is one that is bouncy and flouncy with lots of wispy curls.

What can be so hard about finding a hairstyle for the prom is that most girls wear their hair in what they think is the most flattering way every day. So, what are you supposed to do if you think that your best style is a simple ponytail? Or what if your best look is wearing your hair down and loose? How do you create a prom look out of your everyday look?

Curls, curls, curls!

Creating a mass of curls can add fun to just about any hairstyle. Curls are easy to create and work for just about anyone. So, start with the style that works best for you and add some curls.

If your best look is a high ponytail, curl the ponytail and create some loose tendrils to frame your face. If youíre better off with a low ponytail, sweep it to the side and create an over-the-shoulder curling cascade. Are you a long and straight kind of gal? Create lots of loose waves with those tresses!

Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes that young ladies make when choosing the best prom hairstyle for them is to opt for a style that completely conflicts with their personality and the shape of their face. Keep it light, fun, and simple by taking what already works for you and dressing it up with curls. If you know you look good in a ponytail, donít fight it, go with it! This way, you can be sure that the style will look good on you but will fit into the festive mood of the evening.

Be sure to work in lots of hairspray and holding products though, because you'll be shaking those curls all night!