Chignon Hair Styles

Chignon hair style
For many guys and gals, the prom is the first formal occasion they attend. And, for some, the next formal occasion will be their own wedding or the wedding of a friend or classmate. Prom is viewed as a kind of trial run for the adult forma.

For this reason, most young people treat prom night with the formality it deserves. For guys, this might means a tux and fresh haircut, and for girls it means a gown topped with a formal hairstyle. After all, prom is a night that youíll remember for the rest of your life!

So, throughout the nation, young men are looking to tame the Mohawk and young ladies are looking for a style that makes them feel like a princess.

One of the most formal, yet eternally popular prom hairstyles is the chignon. A classic style that harkens back to the timeless days of Hollywood starlets, the chignon works for just about everyone.

Yet, the chignon can be a difficult style to master. Usually a smooth style, the chignon has gradually become a style that can be presented in many different ways because is it so difficult for many people to pull off. What starts out simple enough as a twist and pin often turns into a half-up, half-down mess.

Honestly, the slightly messy chignon is far easier to master and often looks better than the stiff and formal chignon of the past. As you practice the chignon, you might notice that some strays naturally fall out of the twist. Let them fall! Keep them wispy or curl them, but donít try to make them stay.

Another way to master the chignon is to curl the hair before pinning it up. With either a curling iron or rollers (hot or cold) curl all your hair before creating your chignon. Finger comb the hair and gather it at the nape of the neck. Twist the hair upward and pin it in place. Tuck the ends under and pin or fan them out a bit and let Ďem fly. Fewer hairpins create a more casual chignon but one that might come loose. So, if youíre not into checking your chignon every few minutes, use lots of pins and hairspray.

If you have silky straight hair that begs for a chignon, donít let the difficulty of the classic style scare you away. Make sure that your hair will stay smooth by flat ironing it first and use a styling gel to make sure that there are no flyaways. As youíre practicing your prom hairstyle, try a tight chignon or a loose one (which looks fuller), but always make sure to use lots of product to keep it in place.