Bangs at the Prom

Many young girls have the school pictures to prove how bad mom is with a pair of scissors. Crooked bangs are the hallmark of every young girl's childhood hair disasters. But bangs have changed. They've changed so much that they're often called fringe now; not bangs. And bangs at the prom? Perfectly acceptable!

Some girls will choose to sweep their bangs back into their hair to present a clean finished look, but bangs can be as advantageous at the prom as they can at any other time. Besides hiding a prom night breakout, bangs can be used to dress up or dress down a style.

Bangs can be cut, highlighted, pulled back, side swept, wispy, bold, and curly. With this many adjectives that can be used to describe bangs, it's easy to see how they can influence a hairstyle. But how you wear your bangs on prom night depends on the overall look you're going for.

In many ways, bangs can give you an innocent, little-girl look that you might not want on prom night. This is a night for young girls to revel in their impending adulthood, not relieve their grade school days. For this reason, many girls like to make sure that their bangs are either pulled back or worn a little wispy and light.

If you're going with a prom hairstyle that involves a more formal look, you'll probably want to work your bangs back into the hairstyle. This should only involve a bit of hairspray, but in stubborn cases, try a fancy clip placed about three inches back from the hairline at the top of your head. This way, the clip becomes an accessory that is a part of your outfit.

For softer styles, make sure that your bangs are razor cut so that they are not so "solid". Softer styles call for wispier bangs. For a square face, try sweeping the bangs off to the side and make sure your bangs are not cut straight across. This will only make your face look boxier.

With a softer style, you can even try pulling most of your bangs back with a clip or hairspray while letting only a few strands fall lose. But do give them a mist with some hairspray to make sure that they don't stick to your face while you’re dancing.

You can also try a few highlights placed sparingly throughout your bangs to lighten them up a bit too.

A warning about bangs
As any girl knows, freshly cut bangs can be pretty silly looking. Make sure that you get your fringe trimmed at least two weeks before the prom so that they have time to do some growing out before the big night.