Artificial Nails for Prom

Every young lady wants to look great for the prom. This means she'll get a new hairstyle, a new dress, new shoes, and probably some new jewelry. Most girls also like to pamper themselves before the big night. Part of this pampering means getting a manicure and a pedicure. And to top off her new look, many young ladies these days get artificial nails.

Although there are many different styles of artificial nails to choose from, most girls pick the French nail style for the prom. It's a classic style that goes well with anything. Short or long, French nails look great on everyone.

Depending on the look you choose for prom, you might want a more elaborate style of nail. You can choose from solid colors that pop or from a variety of different designs that you can match with your outfit or contrast to your outfit. Artificial nails salons have so many different designs to choose from that it's almost impossible not to find something that you will like and that will go with your dress perfectly.

Some girls like to go with an artificial nail look that’s downright wild. Long talons that are painted red or purple, or that have multicolored designs, sometimes a different design on each nail, are to be found at every prom. The nails will stay on for a couple of weeks before you have to have them filled or removed.

Artificial nails are incredibly popular these days, and not very expensive. For under $50 you can usually have a full set applied. The nails are firmly applied and will last through prom night with no problem. The only thing to remember is that if you're choosing to go with artificial nails from a salon, make sure that you select a reputable salon with licensed nail technicians. Artificial nails come with their own set of dangers, which include staff and other bacterial infections. Going to a reputable salon that practices good sterilization techniques can help keep your nails and surrounding skin healthy. If you don't want to keep the nails on after the prom, you can go back to the salon in a day or two and have the nails removed by a technician. Don't try to pull them off yourself as doing so can damage the nail bed.

Some girls think it's easier to just pick up a set of easy stick-on nails that can be worn for one night. The problem with these nails is that, although they're inexpensive, they frequently pop off in the middle of the prom. The last thing you want to do is spend the night searching for your nails. Since artificial nails that are applied professionally are relatively inexpensive and affordable for almost anyone, it makes sense to have your nails done professionally. This way, you can be sure they’ll last all night long and even through after prom.