Welcome To Twentsche (Nanjing) Fibre Optics Ltd. (for short: TFO)!

Telecom operators solutions

TFO has a range of optical fibre and cable products and services applied in land long-distance trunk

network, metropolitan area network and access network for telecom operators.


Recent years, operators have increasing requirements to big data and large bandwidth, so stimulate the 

development of optical fibre and cable.

TFO produced various types of optical fibre by utilizing advanced technology, ensure reliable communication 

transmission in the future decades. TFO G.657 series optical fibre and 200μm mini optical fibre with bending 

insensitivity and smaller diameter conform to FTTH demands.

New material, small structure and environmental protection, reliability and stability become the trend of
development. TFO can provide different types and structures of optical cable, such as duct, aerial, 

direct buried and flame retardant and so on. TFO has rich experience in mini cable and dry cable 

especially adapt to optical cable development in the future.



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