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All optical fibre production and inspection facilities are imported and supplied by world-famous 

manufacturers. Select international first-class preforms, UV acrylate and utilize world-leading

manufacturing technology, TFO produces high-quality single mode optical series fibre with excellent

optical and geometrical properties. In the meantime a position is acquired in the international telecom 

circuit, providing fibre to cable manufactures that are certified to supply various for European telecom operators.

Year 2000
TFO started the manufacturing of G.652 single mode optical fibres for long distance transmission.

Year 2004
Successfully introduced and marketed G.652.D zero water peak single mode optical fibre. It performs low 

attenuation values, excellent geometrical properties and a low level of sensitivity to microbending over the full wavelength range.

Year 2006
TFO successfully developed and marketed a low bending loss G.657 optical series fibre which is intended 

for application in FTTH networks, especially for harsh installation environments where severe bending of

the fibre is required.

Year 2011
TFO pioneered the development and commercial TFO MiniTM 200µm series single-mode optical fibre. With 

the traditional fibre is full compliant with the premise, TFO MiniTM 200µm optical fibres , cross-section area 

40% less than the standard fibre, support higher density and smaller diameter  cables which can Improve 

duct utilization and save resource. Widely used in the applications of FTTX, high count fibre cable, mini 

cables. etc. 

Year 2014
Successfully developed TFO Wideband LDTM (G.652.D LD) and TFO XtremeBend® (G.657.B3) fibre.

TFO Wideband LDTM fibre has lower attenuation, chromatic dispersion and PMD and can provide longer

transmission distance between regenerators.With excellent macrobending performance and optical

performance (Bending insensitive performance). TFO XtremeBend® fibre is applicable for FTTH and installation

in complex conditions.

Optical cableList+

Optical Fibre Cable For Power
Optical fibre cable for power produced by TFO include All Dielectric Self-Supporting Cable(ADSS), Optical Fibre Composite Overhead Ground Wire(OPGW) and Non-metallic Heavy Type Rodent Protected (Flame-retardant) Cable.

The first ADSS cable developed by TKH Group was installed and started operation in the 110KV power line of REW Company in the Netherlands in 1990. With TKH’s unique design technology and process for ADSS cable, TFO ADSS cable has attained high market share in China upon our prominent performance internationally, good operating record, strong technical strength, perfect technical service and support.

With the world’s leading ADSS cable design software and production line, TFO is one of China's major professional ADSS cable manufactures.

Air Blowing Mini Optical Fibre Cable
Recent years, with all kinds of economical and effective technology and products have been used by operators driven by the development of communication optical cable, e.g. air blowing duct technology. Small outer diameter, light weight, efficient installation and duct utilization can be improved enable air blowing mini optical fibre cable to become preference.

TFO devotes itself to develop and produce various optical cables with small outer diameter, efficient 
installation and duct resource saving. In 2009 TFO developed central tube non-metallic mini optical fibre 
cable and loose tube mini cable with high count fibre installed by air blowing and exported to the market in European. At present, TFO exports air blowing mini cable more than 10 thousands SKM yearly and 
provide integrated solutions including corresponding accessories. 

Outdoor Optical Fibre Cable
TFO produces a large range of outdoor Optical Fibre Cable types with excellent properties can meet 
demands of communication markets. TFO produces not only the standard  loose tube aluminum tape 
cable(GYTA), loose tube corrugated steel cable(GYTS), loose tube armored direct buried cable(GYTA53), 
loose tube light-armored direct buried cable(GYTY53), loose tube non-metallic cable(GYFTY), but also 
loose tube (non-metallic strength member)steel wire armored cable (GYTA33) which is the maximum 
depth of 250m underwater cable.

TFO also develops optical cables of central tube and loose tube for oversea markets, for example EZPeelTM easy Strip Coating series cable, maximum fibre count of soft tube corrugated steel armored direct buried 
cable(STC CS SW) can reach 432 fibres. Easy for strip and splice, efficient to install.

Access Optical Fibre Cable
With the development of the FTTX, more and more applications are available for access optical fibre cable from outdoor to home. TFO develops access cables and exports to the market in European. Access 
cables can be installed by direct buried or duct, such as direct access cable (DAC), direct buried access 
cable (DAC SW), central tube access cable (CTAC).  And aerial installation, e.g. non-metallic aerial 
fibre-optic drop cable (CTC ADSS) and Mini aerial drop cable (MADC).

EZPeelTMeasy Strip Coating series cables design and develop access cables, soft tube access cable(STAC) 
superior in small outer sheath , light weight, good flexibility, easy for Strip and splice, inner STIC access to 
indoor and excellent flame-retardant performance. 

Indoor Optical Fibre Cable
Indoor cable is mainly applied in the field of data transmission and optical connector manufacture. TFO 
indoor cable has tight buffer or semi-tight buffer structure with excellent quality fibre, advanced 
production line, nice special mould, exact process control, together with optimized design. TFO indoor 
cable ranges from 0.9mm Tight Buffered Coating, Easy Strip Coating, Simplex, Duplex, Micro Drop 
Installation Cable (MDIC) and Breakout Cables.

Meanwhile TFO introduces various types of fibre protected tubes and simplex cable protected tubes with 
high uniformity geometric dimensioning and easy for fibre to pass through.

TFO commits itself to the research and development of connectivity products particularly tailored for FTTx projects, e.g. pre-connected cables(simplex, duplex and multi-fibre cable assemblies), plastic components(adaptor, optical fibre distribution unit, optical fibre distribution box) and tubes connectors designed for LTMC projects(Straight tube connector, Reduction tube connector and Tube end connector). TFO 

connectivity products can be customized on request.

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