Welcome To Twentsche (Nanjing) Fibre Optics Ltd. (for short: TFO)!

Corporate Culture

TFO Corporate Culture Focus



TFO keeps and honors its commitments. We express our opinion and unconditionally respect that of others.
We stimulate initiative of our employees, in creating them into driving forces of development.
We develop their skill and experience in the best way possible, and encourage them to share knowledge and 

professional skills with satisfaction, to jointly build our future. We talk about opportunities and threats with 

open mind, and we are open to founded criticism.


Open Communication:

TFO promotes a timely, clear, open and honest way of communication between all stakeholders in the company.
Each stakeholder has the right to all information which is necessary to execute its function in the company. 



TFO encourages its staff to develop new ideas and concepts, in an original way. All levels contribute to those 

The innovations contribute to our as well as our stakeholders objectives.



TFO recognizes the need of taking risk. We encourage our employees to take responsibility for their work 

performance to develop more effective work methods, aiming at surpassing the expectations and existing 


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